Discover the 5th way of online shopping -

It’s the future of online shopping. New disruptive way of online shopping which can flip the existing traditional models of online shopping on its head. Customer can now demand for a product by setting his own price and terms. It’s a win-win formula for both brands and customers.


A win-win formula for based social / hobby farming investors -

Now anyone can farm from anywhere! First time in the history of farming, one step ahead to save our farmers lives through disruptive technology. Farmers need not have to depend on borrowed money for farming and end their lives when they can’t repay the debts. You Farm connects the two extreme ends of consumer chain and encourages organic farming.


A tool which serves as the first step to achieve the ePrescribeSmart -

Transforming India’s every local pharmacy into a ‘Smart Pharmacy’ by creating ‘Smart-Pharma’ network all over India. This platform links all the local SMEs pharmacies with near-by/local patients. Through Smart Pharma network, all local pharmacies can get recognized in and around their location. It promotes competitive prices with better offers with an easy access to huge pool of patients.

The latest revolution in health care industry worldwide -

e-PrescribeSmart is a cloud based, smart and intuitive e-Prescribing tool designed to improve the efficiency, accuracy and safety in entire prescribing process. Patients will have clear picture of transparent prescribing process from the doctor’s desk to pharmacist’s desk with all medication history in one place. Patients will also get updates and reminders on which tablet to be taken when and in what quantity.

A tool which serves as the first step to achieve the ePrescribeSmart -

Effective time management is the key to success. Time Tracker is one of the phenomenal software which is adopted by many businesses around the world. Maintaining an accurate timesheet is one of the most crucial tasks when undertaking a project. Not only it help managers keep track of resource consumption, but also allows them to identify the effectiveness of a project for long term growth and success of the company.


we are not only capable of crafting magic into your lives with our innovative & beautifully designed products, we are ready to lend a drop of our sweat: hard work and expertise to realize your dream software initiatives. In this age of evolved global vision and thinking we know that your projects could reach far and wide, just that you need a good pair of hands and bit of hard work. we are here to help.


We aim to design our products in a unique way, yet easy to understand and also user friendly.

Business Process Analysis

We focus on understanding the needs of the business as a whole, its strategic direction, and identifying initiatives that will allow a business to meet those strategic goals and objectives.


Our customers are always accompanied by one of our specialist team member in order to make them familiar with our products for the effective use.


Our product are launched with 100% confidence which meets the requirements that guided its design and development


Our specialized maintenance team along with the developers always work and go through the entire process of product performance and maintenance.

Well Documented

Every product and its specifications are well documented so that it could be used for the training purpose.

Data Analytics

Big data analytics examines large amounts of data to uncover hidden patterns, correlations and other insights. With today’s technology, it’s possible to analyze your data and get answers from it almost immediately.

Digital Forensics

We offer advance forensic analysis of computers, mobile devices and network communications, delivering a comprehensive view into exactly what happened and who was involved to avoid cyber crimes.

Cyber & Digital Advisory

We can advise and implement the steps to required from vulnerabilities found within your cyber security infrastructure and processes from the creation of run book procedures to advising on the appropriate software and technology.

Umbrella Company

PAYE Umbrella and Limited Company Contractor , World's cheapest umbrella company, High customer service standards + lowest charges on planet earth. First 3 months completely FREE, flat £45 per month (both monthly and weekly invoice). No hidden charges

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